We go beyond the resume to match great people with great legal teams.

The recruiting process can be time-intensive and costly if not executed properly. We take the work off our clients plate, by staying engaged with the candidate to drive efficiency and success through the process. Our networking acumen and deep intel of the legal market allow us to find the right candidate both in experience and culture for our clients. That means going beyond the standard job description to add color to a candidate’s resume, or to draw out their goals and motivations and desires. We are true partners to our clients, engaging them consistently to learn not only what skill set they require, but the type of person and personality that will help move their business forward.

Why us?


We believe that success is built on a foundation of trust, honesty and communication and we work every day to create relationships rich in all three with our clients.

Focused on The Future

We're motivated by the long term success of our clients. We match candidates and clients with shared DNA that lead to lasting growth and success for both client and candidate. 

Resumes with Color

A resume can show a list of accomplishments but it doesn't reveal the person behind the paper. We know every one of our candidates on a personal level, allowing us to present a comprehensive profile that fits our clients desired qualifications and desired personality. 

Familiar Faces

Most recruiting firms cycle through different recruiters, meaning you may be working with a different person every time you have an opening. At Nexus Search Group, we're in it for the long haul. You will work with one of the founders of the company and build a symbiotic and productive long term relationship.